Difference Between Residential And Commercial Solar Rooftop System

Difference Between Residential And Commercial Solar Rooftop System

In today’s era, everyone has understood the need of shifting to solar energy, whether one is a homeowner or a company owner. But one should know that all solar panels are not made for the same use. The commercial and residential solar power plants are entirely different from each other. They are made according to their use. Yes, these solar panels may look alike but are entirely different from each other.  TATA Solar Panel Distributor in Delhi focuses on installing a solar rooftop plant as per the need of the customer.

When considering renewable energy for your home or company, there are significant differences between residential and commercial solar panels that can help you know which will be the most beneficial solar rooftop plant for your purpose. Commercial and residential solar panels differ in terms of efficiency, size, installation, and color.

Here we are mentioning five important differences between commercial and residential solar rooftop systems. So if you are going to buy a solar panel system for your home or company then surely have a look at these pointers.

1. Size Of Solar Power Plant

Although there isn’t much of a physical difference between commercial and residential solar panels, commercial panels are typically a foot wider. This minor variation could have a significant impact on the panel’s efficiency. Because of the difference in size, commercial panels have more solar cells than residential panels and, as a result, will perform slightly better over time. Of course, this means enormous savings for commercial solar owners, but domestic solar panels are not far behind in terms of efficiency, and homeowners will still save a lot of money. When you think about it, a regular residential property isn’t likely to have anywhere near the same energy requirements as a large commercial building. So if you have greater electricity requirements then only choose a commercial solar panel because the residential one will also benefit.

2. Installation Process

Solar panel systems for commercial and domestic use are installed in almost the same way as roof-mounted systems using a bolted racking system. Because they are mounted on a level roof with a non-penetrating ballasted mounting mechanism, commercial solar panels are usually simple to install. Commercial solar power systems can use a mounting mechanism that does not require access to the roof, making installation much easier. Solar panels for homes must be installed flat against the roofs, which requires a considerably slower and more cautious installation technique. Commercial solar panels can take up to a month to install, although domestic solar panels are usually installed in one or two days.

3. The efficiency of Solar Panels

Residential solar panels are not as efficient as commercial solar panels. Commercial solar rooftop plant in Ghaziabad are around 2% more efficient than household solar rooftop power plant in Ghaziabad. Furthermore, commercial solar power generates more energy than residential solar power since the panels are larger. However, if we calculate the cost of solar panels based on the amount of energy they produce, a 4kW system for a home is the same price as a commercial solar rooftop plant.

4. Colors of Solar Module

Commercial solar panel systems are available in white color, whereas residential solar panel systems are available in black or white. Solar panels with a white tint are the most common solar panels for both residential and commercial use. Residential clients prefer black panels with a black background, while commercial customers prefer black panels with a white backdrop.

These were some basic differences between residential and commercial solar panels. But you can install any of them at your place. It’s not that your home could only install a residential solar panel. If you have a high electricity demand then a commercial solar rooftop plant can be more worthy and a good fit for your home.

Considering whether you want to work on a commercial or residential solar installation might help you make more informed decisions about which company to hire. It’s worth noting that Adler Group deals in both residential and commercial solar rooftop plants. If you are trying to take one step towards solar installation at your home or office we are the best solar panel company in Gurgaon.

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