Indoor vs outdoor weddings : How to choose ?

It might be tough for couples to decide whether to hold their wedding indoors or outdoors. We have more control over the environment. The client can spend on décor without worrying that the wind is blowing everything over.

We have various facilities like restrooms, kitchen facilities, and electrical outlets already built in if organizing an Indoor wedding. The couple will get some serious peace of mind by booking an indoor reception space. Numerous 5 star hotels are the best options for indoor weddings. Pearl Events are a well known 5 Star Hotel Wedding Decor Planner in Gurgaon that provides various decoration options for indoor weddings.

But as it is being said that the indoor event space can not compete with the beauty of nature such as lush gardens, beautiful beaches, or towering redwood groves these are the great outdoors options that provide an amazing backdrop that will take the wedding photos to the next level.

If a couple is nature lovers and also ready to take the risk of having their wedding outside then there is no substitute for this. The top 10 wedding planner in India create flawless weddings in a perfect fairytale for their clients . We will look at considerations for both Indoor and outdoor weddings separately.

Considerations for indoor weddings :

1. We have more control over unpredictable elements : 

As mentioned above, an indoor space provides climate-controlled enjoyment and there are no worries and concerns about wind, sun, and rain. Indoor reception is the way to go option if a client doesn’t want to come up with another plan.

2. Fewer things to worry about :

If a couple is getting married in completely a raw space at an indoor venue. They have to think about built-in power outlets, restrooms, and kitchen facilities. Most of the indoor venues also have the facility of parking.

3. Indoor venues have limited views and limited space :

A couple will have a limited view of the great outdoors if an indoor venue has floor-to-ceiling windows that overlook a lovely landscape, And if a couple is planning to have a huge wedding it would be difficult to find an indoor venue that fits both the couple requirements and their guest count.

4. Limited décor restrictions:

In any indoor venue, there are many limitations and restrictions about decor. For example, Indoor venues will not allow anything to hang inside their banquet. Many venues don’t want to deal with the fire hazard even if the client loves the look of flickering votives. It is advisable to have a conversation with the venue manager in advance about the vision a couple has in their mind for their wedding and they should read the contract very carefully. Couples can also take advice from the theme Decor Planner in Gurgaon who can assist them with various options of decoration in wedding ceremonies.

5. Artificial lighting:

If the Indoor venues are dim or dark they may rely entirely on artificial lighting. In this case, a couple has to be sure that their photographer is skilled at capturing beautiful indoor photos.

Considerations for outdoor weddings :

1. Nature is the primary attraction in outdoor weddings: 

Nature is the main attraction in outdoor weddings. A beautiful outdoor sitting arrangement can be done but the chance of rain, strong winds can mess up everything. The only option is to give wedding favors to protect the guests from the unwanted elements and to make them comfortable.

2. There should be a backup plan for bad weather:

It is very important to find out the weather forecast for the wedding day in advance only. All the out of town guests should be informed in advance about the weather conditions and also proper travel tips should be provided to them as they need to be prepared. Also, it is not mandatory that plan B is always free. It may cost a lot more extra to reserve the extra event space. So before looking forward to an outdoor wedding a couple must reconsider it.

3.  Inquire about permits and restrictions:

When planning to host a wedding outside then a couple must be aware of various restrictions and take permits on it. If a wedding is organized in a national park or on a public beach it is not necessary to have permission. But, if there is a large guest count and want to reserve a specific area for a certain amount of time, then the couple needs to obtain permission. They also have to inquire about noise ordinances, restrictions on amplified sound, and even size limits on tents or canopies.

4. A lot of things to be hired on rent :

For an outside wedding, everything from the tables, chairs, linens, and flatware to the sound system and décor should be taken on rent. But in an indoor wedding, a couple and their family need not worry about these things.

5. Natural Lightings are best for wedding photography :

The best part of an outdoor wedding is the source of natural lighting that the couple and the photographer need not worry about as no lights can beat the shots that are taken in sunlight.

Therefore, after looking at both indoor and outdoor considerations for weddings it is very difficult to decide to go with which option. So a couple can opt for an outdoor ceremony with an indoor wedding ritual or if they want an outdoor wedding only then they can rent a clear tent for an outdoor reception. They can also seek advice from the best Wedding Planner In India who can assist them with all the details and even organize the wedding ceremony for them.

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