Wedding Celebration -Indoor VS Outdoor

Wedding Celebration -Indoor VS Outdoor

A wedding celebration signifies the start of new beginnings and a new life. Couples choose beautiful locations to welcome a fresh start to their life where they can exchange marriage vows and proclaim their marriage publicly. An appealing decor with comfortable arrangements for the couple, their family, and the guests is the most desired thing. Pearl Events 5 Star Hotel Wedding Decor Planner in Gurgaon are well known for organizing indoor wedding events and providing a variety of decoration options for the couple to choose from. All the amenities like kitchen, restrooms and electrical fittings are built-in if you opt for an indoor wedding celebration event.

The biggest decision a couple has to make is to choose a wedding venue. An indoor versus outdoor venue is a choice that has to be thought through. Both indoor and outdoor venues have their pros and cons. The professional top 10 wedding planners in Indiacan create a perfect fairy tale wedding for their clients.

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These tips can help make up your mind to simplify this choice.

For Indoor Weddings, consider the following

No Weather worries: Unpredictable weather conditions may hamper the decorations and wedding arrangements at the last minute. An indoor setting allows your mind to be at peace and not worry about anything going wrong. Space constraint can be a concern. Therefore, choose a venue that is large enough to accommodate your guests leaving space to move around.
Decoration limitations: While there may be hundreds of options to choose from, the decoration can go overboard and also look overdone. There may be limitations too like you may not be allowed to hang lights from the ceilings or use candles lest there is a fire hazard. Theme Decor Planner in Gurgaon can plan and suggest various options of decoration in wedding ceremonies. Always speak to the venue manager and share your expectations about decor in detail to avoid any surprises and disappointments.
Lighting and Photography: Indoor Venues may be dimply lit so artificial lighting has to be arranged. In case of inadequate lighting, the photographs shall look rather dull. Always see the pictures of the previous events to decide on an indoor venue and ensure enough lighting can be provided there or hire a skilled photographer.
Cosy and Intimate gathering: With all the guests in one big hall can be exciting. Everyone is involved in the ceremonies and a get-together becomes cosy and intimate leaving happy memories. However, one big hall may pose to be suffocating with too many people and noisy at the same time.
For Outdoor Weddings, consider the following

Natural and beautiful: The main attraction of an outdoor venue is its scenic appeal. The beautiful scenery is the decoration in itself and saves on huge decoration costs. The visually attractive mother nature is a perfect place for many couples. However, for an outdoor venue, many other amenities like restrooms, dance floor, tables and chairs, and adequate lighting are required to be arranged.
Natural Lighting and photography: Nothing beats the photographs in natural light even when the sunsets. Hiring a professional photographer will take the vows away of photography in natural light.
Permits and Restrictions: A thorough understanding and inquiry of the place and requirements should be done by the family. Certain factors that need attention and permissions are Noise ordinances, number of guests, size of tents or canopies etc.
Back-up plan: Bad weather conditions can run down an outdoor celebration. A backup plan or place in unsuitable weather conditions is always a safe option to save your grace. Contingency planning and appropriate information about a change of plans should be intimidated to all the guests.
A wedding is always a beautiful celebration of two people starting a life together whether it’s held indoor or outdoor. The decision ultimately is left to the couple. It is unique in terms of the style and desires of the bride and groom. You can choose an option that is convenient and gives room for happiness and pure joy instead of stressing over the weather, space, or lighting. The couple can also seek advice from the Best Wedding Planner in India to plan their special day. They can assist them with all the details and even organize the wedding ceremony for them.

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