5 ways to enable a sustainable lifestyle

5 ways to enable a sustainable lifestyle

Well, with the world we are in, which involves the consumption of energy for every work done, Here, there is a great need to protect our resources for future generations. Conservative use of resources is the essential basis for achieving a sustainable lifestyle. As humans, it’s our significant responsibility to save the environment we breathe in, drink in, eat in…

Well, conserving something for the next generation and leading the best possible way of life with recyclable and regenerative products is the primary path to establishing a sustainable lifestyle.

According to Nielsen statistics, more than 70 percent of adults born between the 1980s and 1996 keep sustainability in mind while consuming products.

Universally, sustainability is rated as a crucial criterion for 60 percent of consumers’ purchase decisions for products. The reason for the former suggests that there are amplified changing trends for a sustainable lifestyle environment.

Benefits of a Sustainable Lifestyle:

There are enormous benefits that come with switching to a sustainable lifestyle.

  1. Be a savior of the world. Save the environment for the next generation.
  2. Save energy and thus save your monthly budget, as well as lend a helping hand with the energy conservation process.
  3. A sustainable lifestyle makes you free from deadly illnesses that are caused by hybrid food product consumption as well as meat consumption.
  4. Helps local farmers and local food products to amplify.

5 ways to enable a sustainable lifestyle:

Keep away from disposable bags.

Do you know the number of plastic bags that end up in the ocean?

Globally, statistics show that approximately 1 trillion plastic bags are utilized. If we break it down into individual aspects, every single person uses 100–150 plastic bags per day. Approximately 12% of plastic bags that are manufactured annually go into the ocean. That causes the assassination of fish and ocean-borne living beings. Humans consuming those fish are also prone to various infections.

So it’s very essential to reduce the use of plastics and move on to bio-bags, which are degradable.

Plastics act as the primary factor in global warming and the ozone layer hole, so reducing plastics is very crucial to maintaining a sustainable lifestyle.

How can we reduce plastic consumption?

  • Avoid the use of plastic straws and replace them with paper straws.
  • Use cloth bags as a replacement for plastic bags to maintain a sustainable lifestyle.
  • Try to recycle chewing gum because it also consists of plastic.
  • Try to buy more bulk products instead of plastic bags, as they pollute the environment.
  • Tupperware, instead of using plastic, uses steel or glass containers.

So by reducing plastic usage, you can contribute well to saving the environment. Consider using biodegradable bags or cloth bags to lead a sustainable lifestyle.

Use eco-friendly fuels or switch to electric vehicles.

According to statistics, unburned fuel from automobiles that run on non-renewable energy sources acts as a major triggering factor for global warming.

You need to ensure that our environment is free from pollution. Carbon dioxide from the fuel that doesn’t burn up ends up in the air, thus amplifying global warming. Carbon dioxide is the most dangerous greenhouse gas that directly causes global warming to increase.

How can we reduce global warming from fuel consumption?

  1. Use biofuels or use vehicles that support biofuel consumption.
  2. Use cycles for traveling near shops and places in your vicinity.
  3. Use electrical scooters or electric bikes to reduce non-renewable power sources.

Try organic foods.

Do you know? Statistics show approximately 1000 organic medical-value crop seeds vanish from India. Those organic foods have lots of medical value; they would have been served to benefit human health. So it’s very wise to save those organic plants that are available right now. Whenever demand is high, it encourages farmers to cultivate those crops, which in turn helps to sustain organic foods.

Organic food consumption provides you with high levels of protein and vitamins, which keep your health on the rise. So purchase and consume organic vegetables and cereals to eradicate hybrid vegetable stocks and encourage local farmers.

Power/Energy conservation:

Energy, the very phenomenon, is essential in today’s digital world, especially now where manual power is mostly replaced with automation.

So saving power is very crucial because creating power requires high resources.

How can we save to preserve energy conservation?

  1. Switch off or turn off the lights when you are done with your room.
  2. Switch off ACs or fans when unnecessary.
  3. Use a five-star refrigerator.
  4. Use UPS, and also use zero-watt LD bulbs.

Switch from non-renewable energy to renewable energy:

Instead of extracting power from non-renewable energy sources like charcoal, it’s best to look for alternate sources that are more renewable.

Renewable energy sources include windmills, solar power plants, and other bio-renewable energy sources.

So these are some ways you can achieve a sustainable lifestyle and contribute to yourself and our environment in a wise way.

Author Bio:

Venkatesh Lakshminarayanan is a professional blogger and an environmental enthusiast who has done extensive research on sustainable lifestyles and energy conservation and has analyzed and presented the same.

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