Order Custom Printed Straight Tuck End Boxes at Up to 20% Discount

Order Custom Printed Straight Tuck End Boxes at Up to 20% Discount

A discount of up to 20% means a lot to many of us, especially when we order in bulk. If you are planning to order straight tuck end boxes, be sure to speak with one of our packaging experts beforehand to ensure you save the most on your order. Since our packaging experts have years of experience in providing custom box solutions, they can help you with some special cost-saving options on your straight packaging printing orders. For more information, contact one of our representatives today via live chat support, phone call, or email, at your convenience.

How do I get an instant price quote for straight-end packaging boxes?

Getting a quote while working with Tuck End Boxes is not a big deal. All you need is to contact one of our representatives via phone call or live chat. You can also send an email and get an instant reply. Another easier way to get an instant price quote against printing your straight-end packaging boxes is to fill out the custom quote form on our website. Once you submit your product dimensions, box style, stock type, and desired quantity, you’ll get a full quote in a few hours.

Straight Tuck End boxes are also called STE boxes. These boxes can be easily assembled and, due to their versatility, give a luxury look to retail packaging. Both the top and bottom covers fold back, providing a visible presentation of your product branding on the front of the box. Due to their quick and easy assembly, these boxes are widely used in large industries such as automotive, cosmetics, and food. These boxes can be used with large PVC windows cut out in the front to display the items inside the box.

Versatile Straight Folding End Boxes

A newly launched product needs an effective marketing strategy to maintain a position among competing products of the same quality. Custom straight-end boxes provide effective display options for point-of-sale products and have the proven ability to increase brand awareness in the marketplace. Folding End Boxes offer versatile straight folding end boxes with numerous customization options such as die-cut shapes, inserts, and trays. You can print them in any color scheme or design theme with embossing, foil stamping, and UV options. These custom boxes in the USA are manufactured from cardboard due to the safety and flexibility of the material. We offer custom product display boxes with custom designs and eye-catching themes printed on recycled materials including Kraft cardstock, white cardstock, and card stock.

Biodegradable reserves

It is not just to celebrate “Earth Day” but we really want to provide recycled stock for our personalized care products. Our Kraft cardboard in brown or white color constitutes 90% of the recycled fibers and is a good option for ecological packaging and sustainable packaging. Corrugated material is also a recycled material with ribbed options and is recommended for postage or shipping boxes. Cardboard carton is another eco-friendly stock option made up entirely of leftover material. We provide approved grading stocks for food product packaging. to

Ordering custom printed straight-end boxes without visiting a packaging company is no longer difficult. Tuck End Boxes is America’s leading online product packaging manufacturer offering seamless design and printing of all types of straight-end packaging boxes. Whatever size, shape, or design template you need, let one of the packaging experts know and they’ll transform your idea into a print-ready file.

Where do the straight folded end boxes produce the folded end boxes?

Tuck End Boxes have your production setups in the US Once you have confirmed your order for straight end product boxes, it is forwarded to our production facility, which is closest to your desired shipping address. Once the printing is done, it is thoroughly checked and quality checked to make sure not a single faulty item is shipped to our valued customers. After quality control, the order is packed and shipped to your address via the best services. courier services, which mainly include FedEx, USPS, and DHL.

How fast can I finish my straight-end boxes?

If the lead time of ten to twelve business days does not seem to meet your urgency and business need, you can opt for our expedited production plan that offers print, quality assurance, and ground delivery of your straight box order in seven days skillful.

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