Black Chicken Soup For New Mothers

Black Chicken Soup For New Mothers

When a woman has recently given birth to a child, it becomes imperative to take good care of her health. There have been a lot of cases where women have been careless after their pregnancy period, which has resulted in severe health issues in the future. So new mothers must take good care of their bodies as it will benefit them and their newborns. Black chicken herbal soup is one of the things that’s considered effective for newborns.

Recipe Of Authentic Black Chicken Soup In Singapore

The recipe for black chicken soup in Singapore is quite simple. To make it, you have to wash and chop up the chicken first. You have to smash it with the help of the blunt end of your knife. You have to keep the chicken in a bowl with a smaller bowl inverted on it. You will be required to set it up in a pot. You have to include a steamer rack in it as it plays a very important role in making black chicken herbal soup. Now you have to fill the pot with a sufficient amount of water and start boiling it. You have to boil it on a high flame for 10 minutes before cooking it to a low simmer. You have to cook it for three additional hours on a low simmer. Once you’re done cooking, you have to let it cool down a bit before removing the chicken and carefully invert the bowl. Remove the impurities from the chicken essence and get authentic black chicken soup in Singapore.

Benefits Of Black Chicken Herbal Soup

There are multiple reasons why black chicken herbal soup is advised for new mothers and anyone who would want to improve their health. We will have a look at some of its benefits:-

  1. It is a source of antioxidants. It means that if there’s a chance of illness to your body in any manner, you can let it go off once you drink this soup. New mothers or people struggling with health issues can have it multiple times a week to maintain their health levels.
  2. It is going to boost your immune system. As far as women are concerned, it will increase their fertility. It is suitable for older people as well. All in all, black chicken herbal soup is beneficial for people regardless of their age groups and whether they are males or females.
  3. The great thing about black chicken is that it is high in protein and more elevated than regular chicken. If you want to increase your body muscle, there’s nothing better than having black chicken soup in Singapore.
  4. It is going to protect your eyesight as well. It will be beneficial for new mothers as there are always the chances of having weak eyesight, especially in the first few days or weeks post-pregnancy.

We have discussed the recipe and the benefits of black chicken herbal soup. If you’re a new mother who’s trying to recover from the pregnancy period, it is best advised to have this dish regularly during the first few months post-pregnancy!

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